26 August

Stazione di Topolò Postaja Topolove

Topolò | Grimacco 28 agosto - 13 settembre 2020 - programma
Stazione di Topolò Postaja Topolove

Friday, August 28th  
at 6pm, in the big square Opening
of the XXVII edition
following Ecouter le monde (Listening to the world)
a project by Monica Fantini_Radio France International
at the old school Isolamani
80 days | 80 words | 80 drawings
by Elena Rucli and Paolo Giangiulio
following Voices from the Waiting Room
meeting with Klarisa Jovanović and Amalia Stulin
with the dark L'heure bleu
installation by Jan van der Ploeg
curated by the Dutch Embassy of Topolò
in closed spaces, in loop
until September 1st
Mihacova klet
three videos by Tomaž Grom

at the old school
two short movies by Marco Mucig
until September 13th at the Norwegian Embassy
Ecouter le monde
sonorous postcards by Monica Fantini_ Radio France International

at Topolò’s Post office
ToBe Continued 2020
sounds for World TB Day

The library of the books of the heart
reading aloud, curated by Robida

casa Juljova hiša
PUT Pinacoteca Universale di Topolò
new acquisitions
Saturday, August 29th  
at the jewish cemetery Concert for voice and double bass
with Irena Tomažin Zagoričnik and Tomaž Grom
in the evening, in the small square Voices from the Waiting Room
The Whale and the Leafs
meeting with the poet Michele Obit
with the dark, at the cinema Coronavirus Diary
The life before
, preview
two short movies by di Marco Mucig, meeting with the director
following Isolation, for double bass and voice
by Matteo Mosolo
Sunday, August 30th  
late in the morning, beyond the church Trespass | processing an emerging choreography
by Marta Olivieri with Vera Borghini and Loredana Canditone
curated by Robida
in the afternoon, in the small square Ecouter le Monde
a project by Monica Fantini_RFI
following Voices from the Waiting Room
meeting with the poet Rosaria Lo Russo
at dusk, in an open space The Memory of Sound and Space
residence and sonorous project for Topolò
by Zahra Mani
Tuesday, September 1st  
around 8pm Quintetto Abimà
traditional and cultured jewish music for clarinet and string instruments
in collaboration with Viktor Ullmann festival
Friday, September 4th  
in a house in the village, until September 13th Isolamenti
video by Elena Rucli
in the village, all day long Gestation
a project of relational art by Giulia Iacolutti
around 5pm Voices from the Waiting Room
The Theory of Empty Villages
meeting with the writer Mauro Daltin
at dusk Belledonne
for herbs, plants, sounds and images
a project by Patrizia Oliva and Beba Fink
Saturday, September 5th  
at 11 in the old school, until September 13th for two people at a time
Archaic perceptions of a singing body
in the magical and profane territories of Topolò

by Isabelle Duthoit
during the day Gestation
a project of relational art by Giulia Iacolutti
in the afternoon Dotik
Fades_Sonorous constellation on the harmonic series of 3_5_7_11_13
by Antonio Della Marina
in the evening Dotik
meeting with the film director Stefano Giacomuzzi
at 7.30pm, at Liessa V nebu luna plava / La luna nuota nel cielo
literary gathering, organized by KD Rečan
at 9pm, at the cinema Under the Cold Stars
documentary by Stefano Giacomuzzi
curated by the Institute of Topology of Topolò
Sunday, September 6th  
at 10am, walk to Javorca Patriarchy_Serenissima
Sergio Zilli, historian, tells about our border
in the first afternoon I-Stanze
play/video/work on an online platform
by Enrico Gabrielli/19'40"/Effetto Larsen
from the afternoon, at Zorio’s Star The Time of the River
Erica Benfatto, voice; Silvia Morandi, dance
around 5pm An architectural project for new ways of living Topolò | Topolove
a dissertation, Prešeren Prize UL 2019
by Janja Šušnjar
following, in the forest Archaic perceptions of a singing body...
by Isabelle Duthoit
from 8th to 13th September Pleasure Rocks, topolove
performative installation / inter-actions of bodies and minerals
residence of Titta C. Raccagni, Barbara Stimoli and Alessia Bernardini
Friday, September 11th  
until September 13th Gestation, outcomes of the project
by Giulia Iacolutti
around 6pm Voices from the Waiting Room
Of Blood and Iron
meeting with the writer Luca Quarin and editor Fabio Mendolicchio
following, in some room Pleasure Rocks, 1
by Titta C. Raccagni and Barbara Stimoli
with the dark, at the cinema Stories From the Chestnuts Woods
encounter with the film director Gregor Božič
Saturday, September 12th  
at 2pm, in a field Pleasure Rocks, 2
by Titta C. Raccagni and Barbara Stimoli
following, at the mill Where is the poetry?
a short poem by Gianfilippo Pedote
Mini Piano Tour Experience. Topolò
Alessandra Celletti, piano toy
around 5pm The 1420
told by the writer and historian Angelo Floramo
following On the trails of Topolò. Metamorphosis
by Giovanni Maier, double bass and Flavio Zanuttini, trumpet
with the dark, at the cinema Andrey Tarkovsky. A Cinema Prayer
a testimony by Andrey Andreyevich Tarkovsky
with Gianfilippo Pedote
Sunday, September 13th  
early in the morning, in the forest Archaic perceptions of a singing body …
by Isabelle Duthoit
in the first afternoon The Circle of the Harmonious Sound
a project by Björk Viggósdóttir
at 4pm, at Stamorčak Pleasure Rocks, 3
by Titta C. Raccagni and Barbara Stimoli
towards evening Rational Music
rhythmic seralism
concert by Sebastiano De Gennaro
with the dark Les Tambours de Topolò
(The rhytm from) The rehersal room. Intimate concert for distancing and barrels

The participation at every event and workshop is free.
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