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Castle Canussio

The Canussio Castle rises in via Nicolò Canussio, along the line marked from the second town-walls built in Roman age.
Before the Castle in the same place there used to be the palace of the Canussio, a noble family of the late Middle ages that passed over the property to the barons Creiger from Austria. The Creigher transformed and widened the building according to a particular neogothic taste. The complex is characterized by the mixture of different elements of various historical ages and by the turrets of diverse height. In occasion of the recent restorations the castle has been object of archaeological searches that have revealed the presence of interesting Roman and Middle Ages structures.

The Canussio Castle's official web site: www.castellocanussio.it

Ently the palace is the seat of the Canussio foundation: www.fondazionecanussio.org

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