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Shelter of Pelizzo


The Shelter was inaugurated in July 1975 and entitled to Guglielmo Pelizzo, mayor of his town and Senator of Italian Republic, passed away the previus year, who strove to do a lot for valuying this part of Friuli. During years was widened and improved several times until catching up to the actual comfortable sistemation.

The shelter

It is situated on slopes of the Matajùr Mount (1641m) and from that position it dominates all Friuli's plain to the sea.

From the top of Matajùr Mount where is the border between Italy and Slovenia it is possible to enjoy a wide view on Giulie Alps and on Isonzo's Valley on the North, and on Dolomiti Clautane and Zoldane on the West.


The shelter can be reached by car from Cividale of Friuli to the direction of Natisone's Valleys from Saint Quirino's bridge to Masseris and then to the shelter.


To the top of Mataiùr (hours 0.45 T); anello of Matajùr ( hours 2.30 E);
to bivouac Malghe of Mersino 1401 m; alta way of Natisone's Valleys: path Italy.


Palma way to Matajùr Mount 1641 m. ( hours 4.30 Ai).


Festivity of the Mountain, first sunday of september; CAI' s tasting of chestnuts, third sunday of october.


Tagliatelle always fresh, soups and vegetable soups, canederli e gnocchi with pumpkin and spinach, ravioli and pasta al forno; goulash and meat with wine, local sausages and cheeses; wines from Collio and Colli Orientali; local desserts and the tipical cake of Natisone's Valleys, the "Gubana"; local grappe with officinali grass and forest fruits.

Number of beds: 35

More activities

» Cliff arena nearby.
» Small botanical garden.
» Games on table.
» Point of departure for hang-glider and parapendio.
» "Green weeks" for primary schools students organized in collaboration with schools and the
naturalistic guides.

Info shelter



Station Alpine Aid:



33040 Savogna di Cividale UD


Aprile - 15 nov. e periodo natalizio

Rifugio escursionistico


Carta CAI Cividale 1/50000" Alta Via Valli Natisone"


CAI Sezione di Cividale
Borgo S. Pietro, 4 33043 Cividale del F. UDtel.0432.700015


aprile - 15 nov. e periodo natalizio


Stefano Sinuello
Via Forame, 5 33028 Tolmezzo UD tel.0433.41802

Texts taken from the "i Rifugi" guide by the Regional Tourist Promotion Agency.

Villa de Claricini 21

Casa Luis

Vignaiuoli TOTI


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