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Stazione di TopolÚ

Topolò is a small village dispersed between mountains of Natisone's valleys.
The name of the village derives from the tree of the poplar, in Slovene topol. Building are compact and separated only by pedestrian.
The oldest house, that it has origin in the Middle Age, is the house of the izba with two rooms for plan risen on three levels.
The first room of the raised plan, called black kitchen, contains a low open fireplace and the mouth of feeding of the stew-furnace called pec. A door takes you in a room where the pec is covered by maiolica floor tiles.

Topolo' is famous for the event called "Topolò Station - Postaja Topolove" that touches varies views of art and communication: movies, design, photography, music, poetry, theatre. It's an international event that carries out every year in July where many artists come from different countries of the world.
The artists are accommodated in the small village of Topolò where they carry out a "participation" on the base of the stimuli receipts from the same place.


tazione di Topolò | Postaja Topolove
dal 1 al 17 luglio 2022
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