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The Trýc

The Trùc is a traditional Easter game that Cividale involvement, young people from different decades.

The rules of the game

1- Use only chicken eggs, boiled and colored.
2- The egg at the time of launch, it must touch the tile (cop).
3- Must be let go without a push.
4- The goal is to hit one or more eggs at the Trùc the intemal.
5- Who does it affect to pull back immediately.
6- Own of the egg hit, to get back into the game, must buy in and get in line to re-launch.
7- If any player does not strike the last egg, the game is taken up by those who had launched the first egg in Truc (vecjo Truc).
8- Who retires from the game must leave the ransom money, a coin, instead of the egg.

We try to understand the game of Trùc through an article by Antonio Rieppi taken from
The "Panarie" of 1924:

"What is Trùc? ... Our children have given the name of a Trùc traditional game that preserves the Easter eggs to run along an upward sloping sand and closed slowly, to 'ingiro, from one side concave that, from the entrance, which is placed on a tile to be widening comin down and prevents the release of eggs for the rise in China the same: eggs, rolling should collide with those already found in Trùc. the gruesome is prepared by the families of the county and the city from those who are lucky enough to have a large backyard, those who have not ... you bring into the company and build the game even on the public highway. in the morning the day of the grim Pasuua must be beautiful 'is made??. ... the fun starts on time and the game continues until the evening, including a happy yelp of children, a lively chatter of girls and women, a contrast of young men, with some whimpering, because a egg is cracked too early or bets were unsuccessful. the game requires a special patience ... it takes the eye for suitable egg, why, there is the egg edge, etc. of the way. and we want to place art at the top. or bottom half of the tile, depending on the amount and location of the eggs that are at stake ..... O blessed are the triumphs obtained after the preparation of small. but serious efforts, the light of day under the watchful protection of loved ones who can not but want the full satisfaction of broken hearts."

Antonio Rieppi da La " Panarie" 1924

How to prepare the eggs:

The grandmother's recipe

In a piece of fabric dye (pannolenci), settles the hen's egg along with various flowers, herbs and ingredients according to the results you want ottenere.Si can use: red onion skins, madricaria, parsley, blossom 'wild garlic, primroses, coffee grounds, etc., dandelions.
Each egg is enclosed in netting by tying with a thread of wool.
Then all the eggs so they settle into a prepared pan, covered with water, to which you add the salt and vinegar, then boil it to make quidici minutes. The eggs are left to cool, removed from the wrapping and used in various ways: either as simple boiled eggs o. .. for a game of Truc.


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