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Points of Interest in Cividale and surroundings

Tuor guidato della città
Tuor guidato della città

The City;

An overview of the City of Cividale, retracing the history and the main monuments to see...... vai
Il Tempietto Longobardo
Il Tempietto Longobardo

Tempietto Longobardo

Monument of great prestige because of the magnificient works of art guarded in it, according to some people..... vai
Il Museo Archelogico Nazionale
Il Museo Archelogico Nazionale

National Museum

Founded in 1817, The ground floor houses the lapidary, the main floor hosts the Lombard and the Exhibition of...... vai
Il Ponte del Diavolo

Devil's Bridge

The Devil's Bridge is one of the symbols of Cividale del Friuli. Boldly suspended on the Natisone River is wrapped..... vai
Il Palazzo Comunale

The Town Hall

In the center of Cividale del Friuli, in front of the Cathedral and in the homonymous square, stands the....... vai
Il Palazzo De Nordis

Palazzo De Nordis

In the center of Cividale del Friuli, in front of the Cathedral and in the homonymous square, stands the....... vai
Ipogeo Celtico

Ipogeo Celtico

The original function of this particular monument, that does not find reply in Friuli, is still an unsolved question....... vai
Palazzo Creigher Canussio

The Creiger's palace

The complex is characterized from the mix of different elements of various historical ages and from the........ vai
Il Presepe delle Orsoline

The Nativity of the Ursulines

The artistic and historical nativity of the Ursuline Sisters, located since its origins in the Monastery of Santa Maria........ vai
Palazzo Pontotti-Brosadola

Palazzo Pontotti-Brosadola

Built in the second half of the XVIII century by counts Pontotti, landowners and feudatories of the county of........ vai
La Farie Geretti

La Farie Geretti

The Fari Geretti is part of the tradition of family-run workshops where the secrets of the trade are handed....... vai
La Casa Medioevale

The Medieval House

The medieval house is known as the "oldest house of Cividale" or "home of the goldsmith". In fact........ vai
Centro Vittorio Podrecca

Vittorio Podrecca Center

Le Valli del Natisone
Le Valli del Natisone

Natisone's valleys

The Natisone's valleys are connected to Cividale, ancient Forum Iulii, and the Isonzo's valley and they are situated......vai
Il Santuario di Castelmonte

The Sanctuary of Castelmont

The Sanctuary of Castelmonte is very ancient: the oldest of the Veneto and one of the first of all the Christianity....vai
San Giovanni d'Antro

Saint John of Antro

The village of Antro gives its name to the surrounding territory and it is situated to 318 m. on the sea level....vai
Il Monte Matajur

Matajur Mountain

The Matajur, Martius and Re Baba in local Slovene dialect, is a mountain in the Julian Alps 1,641 m high. It is....vai
Il Rifugio Pelizzo

Il Rifugio Pelizzo

The refuge is located on the slopes of Mount Matajur (1641m.). E 'was opened in July 1975 and named after....vai
Il Castello di Ahrensperg

The castle of Ahrensperg

From a historical point of view, the castle of Ahrensperg is of considerable interest. To the north, in....vai

Villa de Claricini 21

Casa Luis

Vignaiuoli TOTI


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