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Cividale Longobarda UNESCO World Heritage Site

From 25 June 2011 the serial site "The Lombards in Italy. The places of power (568-774 d.C.) "is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The candidacy "The Lombards in Italy: the places of power (568-774)", project resulting from the first candidature of 2008, concerns, in addition to Cividale, a network that includes six other sites distributed throughout the peninsula:
- the Monastery of Santa Giulia with the church of San Salvatore in Brescia;
- the church of Santa Maria foris portas with the castrum and the tower of Castelseprio Torba and Gornate Olona (Va);
- the Tempietto di Campello sul Clitunno (PG);
- the Basilica of San Salvatore in Spoleto (PG);
- the church of Santa Sofia in Benevento;
- the Michaelica sanctuary of San Michele sul Gargano in Monte Sant'Angelo.

These sites have been chosen because they are those where, together with Cividale del Friuli, the monumental testimonies of the Longobards have been preserved.




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