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Monastery of Santa Maria in Valle

The Monastery was born in the middle of the seventh century AD reserved to the Benedictine Sisters, subsequently it has undergone many additions and restorations due to invasions and earthquakes that have also damaged it in a serious way.

Today's appearance began to occur in about 1511, while in 1841, the building was entrusted to the Ursuline Sisters who lived there until 1999.

The Cloister is organized in an irregular shape, almost a scaled trapezoid; the colonnade, frescoed by Francesco Colussi in 1795, consists of round arches with cross vaults supported by circular stone columns.

On the south side of the building it is possible to see the oldest masonry structures, which partly incorporate the Longobard Temple.

Thanks to the spaces and beautiful views that the Cloister offers, it becomes ideal to host many important events, including some shows of the Mittelfest and the International Courses of Musical Improvement.

Words are not enough to tell and give the idea of ​​the beauty and charm of this place, visiting it is the only way to perceive its true essence.

MONASTERO DI SANTA MARIA IN VALLE e TEMPIETTO LONGOBARDO Via Monastero Maggiore, 34 – 33043 Cividale del Friuli ( UD) tel. biglietteria +39 (0)432 700867 tel. prenotazioni +39 (0)432 710460


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