Associazione Parco del Natisone

Associazione Parco del Natisone
Address: Via Michelangelo Buonarroti 25/5 - Cividale del Friuli
Phone: +39 349 5865134  call now

The purpose of the Association is based on an innovative and ancient concept: the management of a common good must be shared. The coordinated management of such a rich and complex territory (10 per cent for the communes involved) is not only an environmental necessity, but represents an opportunity for development of the territory. The project seeks to promote a new strategic land management that can at the same time improve the environmental conditions of the river and create the basis for a sustainable economic development of the river. At this stage, the project wants to adopt the "river contract" instrument, already used in other European realities, to coordinate the needs and establish good management practices of all stakeholders of the territory (municipalities, institutions and private and citizens). In the Region and Italy this would be the first case of cross-border cooperation (involving in fact the Slovenian territory of Kobarid) for the managed management of a river basin. For this reason, the project also aims to draw on European funds for its realization. The process will then, at a later stage, lead to the establishment of the Natisone Transboundary Fluvial Park, a recognizable landmark and landmark of the project.


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