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Address: Loc. Giassico - Giassico
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Set in the beautiful Friuli countryside in Cormons, just 3 km from the town center, Casa Riz is surrounded by beautiful vineyards and offers a restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine with a terrace for outdoor dining. they are paired with typical Friulian dishes proposed in the farm.

Here you will discover the poetry of the Friulian language with its Austrian and Slovenian contaminations that are part of a border culture like ours and find themselves in all its aspects from language to costumes passing through the kitchen. From frico to soups, from sausages to cotechino with brovada, from gnocchi with plums to omelettes with herbs, there is a common thread that respects traditions.

Friuli is a sure gastronomic destination where you can rediscover the flavors of a lost time, breathe the Central European atmosphere that has impregnated the culture of the people and the cities of this corner of Italy.

We are located a short distance from famous tourist and historical places such as Aquileia, with its Roman remains, Cividale, with the Lombard testimonies, Grado and its beaches and spas, the Habsburg Trieste, the fortress cities of Palmanova and Gradisca, Gorizia and Udine.

www.casariz.com          shop.casariz.com