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La Gubana

Friulian sweet whose origins are linked to the most important religious festivals of the calendar (Christmas and Easter), but also to the community special events, such as weddings, christenings, etc.
Born in the valleys of Natisone, in the border area with Slovenia, it stands as a bridge between the two culinary traditions.
That link is also proposed in the origin of the term from which the cake is named: "guba", which in Slovenian means "fold", probably to indicate the shape of the twisted gubana.
A trip to his roots of Roman times, where the loaves were stuffed with fruit and enriched with honey, to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, when a similar dessert was even included in the supper banquet in honor of Pope Gregory XII during his visit to Cividale in 1409.
The peasant origin (gubana Friuli), etched in its rustic filling, enclosed in a dough made of flour, is ennobled by the city.
Preparation: Dissolve the yeast in warm milk, and white flour to incorporate it in such quantity as to form a smooth, soft dough, and put it to rise.

On a board pour in the flour fountain with sugar and a pinch of salt, ask yourself eggs, melted butter in a double boiler, a grated lemon rind and the dough come to leavening.
Mix all ingredients and impastateli for a f
ew minutes if you think necessary adding a little 'of warm milk; make a ball, cover and let rise for at least an hour.
For the filling of raisins soaked in grappa, while amalgamerete grated chocolate in a bowl, almonds and peel-chopped walnuts, candied orange and citron, figs, prunes, a
spoonful of sugar, pine nuts, a pinch of spice and l ' well-drained raisins. Finally built to filling a compound of melted butter with a nicely browned grated bread spoon.
Roll out the dough until it forms a rectangle and pour the fruit filling to which you add the egg yolks and beaten egg whites. Roll the dough on itself and form a long sausage, then you'll wind in the snail-shaped.
Before it goes into a hot oven for three quarters of an hour, brush the cake with egg and sprinkle with sugar.
Serve gubana in wet schnapps sliced



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