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Info and timetable for visits to the Grotta di S.Giovanni d'Antro www.grottadantro.it
Gruppo Speleologico Valli del Natisone / Natisone Velley Speleological Group
Via San Giovanni d'Antro - 33046 Pulfero / Podbuniesac (UD)
+39 339 7779667 - e-mail: agpnatisone@libero.it

The temperature in the cave is about 11 ° constant, so it is advisable to wear suitable clothes and shoes; The route runs along a light and well-lit path, but visitors must pay attention to both the outside and the inside paths, as there are several steps and walkways that are slippery due to the humidity and the peculiarities of the environment; Children must be supervised by their parents or their companions.
It is recommended to follow the instructions and advice of the staff.

On certain dates or on advance notice, the Grupo Speleologico Valli del Natisone, with the support of its speleological guides, organizes a beautiful and interesting tour of the interior of the cave, which also offers the necessary equipment; For dates, costs, and reservations, call or email the group addresses below.


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