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Marquando was originally from Swabia, son of the knight Enrico von Randeck, born in 1296, educated by his paternal uncle Corrado, canon and guardian of Augusta. On 24 March 1365 the emperor appointed him his general captain. Later he was conferred the title of "locutenentem et capitanium generalem" with ample faculties. In the year 1365 he was bishop of Augusta, and having remained vacant the patriarchal seat, the Pope Urban V, on August 23, appointed him Patriarch of Aquileia. He celebrated his first solemn Mass in Aquileia on April 19, 1366. Patriarch Marquando was a man of profound juridical culture, and linked his name to the "Costitutiones Patrie Foroiulii" , the body of Laws, as the Leicht writes, largely civil and procedural, which formed the main core of Friulian law until the fall of the Venetian Republic. The City of Cividale knew with this Patriarch the moment of its greater jurisdictional power. In Cividale the Patriarch Marquando von Randeck entered the port of San Pietro on 7 June 1366, welcomed with great honors by the whole city. On that occasion the parliament was convened.

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