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On January 6, in a context of great solemnity, the Mass of the Spadone is celebrated in the Cathedral of Cividale.
The Deacon presents itself, amid the pomp of the capitular dignities, with the plumed helmet on his head, the sword drawn in the right and in the left a precious XII century Gospels, with embossed and gilded valves.The ceremony recalls the investiture that a time the Patriarch received from the hands of the Emperor, as feudal lord of the whole region. The sword, with which the Dacono greets with gestures of ancient authority and people, is still the original one offered by the Cividale to the Patriarch Marquardo von Randeck, on the occasion of his entry to Cividale.

Immediately after the Mass of the Spadone there is the historical re-enactment of the entry of the Marquardo von Randeck Partiarch on 6 July 1366. Nobles, ladies, armigers, knights, crossbowmen, notables, maidservants, falconers, flag-bearers, flag bearers, pages, priests, friars , hermits, Dominicans, the steward, the herald, the executioner, the deputy domino, the dean, the captain general, the captain of Cividale, the Patriarch, with rigorous mediooeval costumes, faithfully reproducing clothes of the era, both in the colors in the models, they reconstruct an important fragment of the history of Cividale and offer to those who have the opportunity to admire them a "historical" and at the same time enjoyable day.During all the way and in the climax, the procession is accompanied by music re-encompassing ancient melodies and sounds typical of the Middle Ages that create a suggestive and fascinating atmosphere.

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