21 December

The Epiphany in Cividale

The program of the 2023 edition
The Epiphany in Cividale

Schedule January 6th 2023

Relive the ancient rite of the Mass of the Broadsword, in which religious, political and military power merged in the figure of the Patriarch.
Welcome the arrival of Marquardo von Randeck in Cividale, as it happened in 1366: a festive city with processions of nobles, warriors on horseback, duels, dances and guillari.

Friday 6 January 2023 – Programme

10.30 am
Solemn Mass, called "of the Spadone" in the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta (Duomo)
11.45 am
Historical re-enactment in costume of the entry of the Patriarch von Randeck which took place in Cividale del Friuli in 1366

The historical procession
The Community of Cividale prepares to welcome the Patriarch by parading in procession from the historic Porta di Ponte, continuing along the Ponte del Diavolo, Corso Paolino d'Aquileia, Piazza Duomo, Corso Mazzini, Via Ristori, Piazza Diaz and Piazza Dante
Marquardo von Randeck enters Cividale from Porta San Pietro accompanied by the Ministerial Majors on horseback, continuing along via Silvio Pellico, piazza Foro Giulio Cesare, Largo Boiani and piazza Duomo

The ceremonial
The patriarchal court arrives in Piazza Duomo. The awaited ceremonial begins:
- the city waita secures the square, the portari of the four historic gates are called to the center of the city
- Marquardo von Randeck dominates the square from the bishop's seat
- the free nobles and castellans of Cividale pay homage to the Patriarch with precious gifts
- the farming people deliver the canipa as a sign of fidelity
- the Prince of the Fatherland decrees the reinvestment of some fiefdoms
- the master-at-arms leads a courtly tenzon
- the Ministerial Majors on horseback lead Patriarch Marquardo von Randeck to the investiture of the temporality of his Church
- Marquardo von Randeck receives the rapier sword as a sign of temporal power
- the whole Community solemnly swears loyalty to the Patriarch

From 2.00 pm in Piazza Duomo
Medieval animations in honor of investitures

Demonstrations of medieval archery and practice shooting for children by the Gruppo Storico Forojuliense
Ancient rhymes scattered with Messer Lurinetto
Medieval music with Barbecocul and Cencia Timp
Medieval arming duels by the Compagnia Guarneri d'Urslingen
Fire eaters and jesters with Gallistriones
Rolling of the medieval drums of Cividale del Friuli
Closing procession with the historical groups of Cividale



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