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Friuli Colli Orientali

Art, culture, history and, of course, wine: the wine production area DOC "Friuli Eastern Hills", which in Cividale its historic town center and the best known outside its region, is yet to be discovered - or nearly - the tourist and landscape point of view.

We are in Friuli Venezia Giulia a few kilometers from Udine and well-known beach resorts to Italian and foreign tourists, as Lignano and Grado, you can engage in a different kind of tourism, suitable for those who want to discover the traditions and history of rich lands natural beauty and artistic treasures.
From the slopes of Mount Bernadia, north, up to the Judrio which marks the border between the provinces of Udine and Gorizia, you are spoiled for choice: discover the ruins of medieval castles in the surroundings of Attimis, visiting religious monuments as the Parish Church of San Gervasio in Nimis or the Abbey of Rosazzo, Cividale with its Roman remains and Lombard ...
For sports enthusiasts, or those who simply love nature, countless trails by mountain bike or walk quietly, in a landscape where harmoniously alternate woods and vineyards.
Vineyards, which inevitably take us to the wine. The more than 2000 hectares of vineyards of this region were renamed "Vine and Wine Park", successful synthesis of a project that aims to ensure the highest viticulture development as part of an integrated management of the res

economic and environmental bears; an integration in which the food and wine tourism has an important part.
In this development project, it is important to raise awareness of the area's resources; a task to which, with this site, the wine Consortium "Friuli Eastern Hills and Ramandolo" which in 2014 is headquartered in Corno di Rosazzo at the historic Villa Nachini-Cabassi, wants certainly help.

production area

In the province of Udine: includes all or part of the territories of Attimis, Buttrio, Cividale del Friuli, Corno di Rosazzo, Faedis, Manzano, Nimis Povoletto, Premariacco, Prepotto, S. Giovanni al Natisone, to St. Peter natisone, Tarcento, Torreano;


Picolit min. 85%, could help other white grapes Coll berry. and / or aut. for the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia max. 15%, with the exclusion of vitigno Traminer aromatic);

standards for viticulture

The new planting and replanting made after the entry into force of this specification will need to include at least 3500 plants per hectare;
In particularly dry years has allowed emergency irrigation;

The maximum yield allowed for such cultivation is 4 t / ha;
At harvest, the grapes for wine making must ensure, to the wine with a designation of origin and guaranteed "Eastern Hills of Friuli Picolit", a minimum natural alcoholic strength by volume of 13% vol .;

rules for winemaking

The vinification and bottling operations must be carried out within the production area;
The grapes may be subjected to withering practices on the plant and / or on racks and / or in the open or in local cassettes also equipped with systems for the control of temperature and / or humidity and / or forced ventilation;
It does not allow any practice of enrichment;
The maximum yield of
'Grapes into wine must not be greater than 55%, equal to a maximum yield of 22 hectoliters per hectare;

rules for labeling

The indication of the year of grape production on the label is mandatory


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