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Ribolla Gialla

Friuli native grape variety that is already known since 1300. The name comes from the Slovenian REBULA, which in local dialect has become Ribuèle. At the beginning of the last century, during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the filtered cakes Ribolla were very appreciated and quoted. Ribolla owes its name to the characteristic high malic acid content that, in the past, brought the wine to "boil" in carboys. This ancient vine is now cultivated mainly in the hills stretching from Tarcento and, passing through the Karst region, Istria comes up. The Ribolla finds its best expression in the hills, where this vigorous vine, from budding and late ripening, gives excellent results.
Color: pale yellow color with faint green reflections.
Bouquet: floral and fragrant, elegant and refined.
Taste: Dry, elegantly citrine entry into the mouth, excellent drink.
Pairings: it goes well with cold appetizers with sour sauces with lemon, soups, especially velvety cream and pasta dishes with vegetable dishes, sauces and fish dishes.
Serving temperature: 10-12 ° C.


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