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Verduzzo Friulano

Its main feature, like wine, is the pleasing aroma and bitter almond flavor, thus leading manufacturers not to exceed with the aromas due to aging. If that were the case it would have a too demanding wine, heavy, that satisfies the first sip, not the most elegant and easy to drink, as it should be Friulano. Another striking feature of this wine is the bitter aftertaste, enjoyed in limited quantities of course. As for the color, that of the Friulano must be characterized by a very pale straw yellow; a sign of youth and elegance. Indigenous variety from Friuli, cultivated mainly in the hilly areas. Undoubtedly it is a very ancient grape and widespread even in past times. We find, in fact, described in 1825 in the work dall'Acerbi Screws Friulian or contours of Udine. Verduzzo is widely spread all over the territory of Friuli, where it is grown both in the plains and in the hills. But it is growing in the hills, thanks to soil and climatic conditions that characterize it, provides better quality results.
Color: golden yellow, too intense.
Bouquet: distinctive, intense, pleasant with a bouquet that recalls notes of apple, pear, apricot.
Taste: sweet or sweet taste, slightly tannic, robust, full-bodied with high alcohol content also.
Pairings: a typical dessert wine that goes well with dry pastries. When aged, it is also interesting paired with hard cheeses and mature.
Serving temperature: 12 ° C.


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