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A native Friulian vine, also known as Ribolla nera, probably originating from the Prepotto area.
The origin of the name is uncertain, probably the onomatopoeic name, derives from the fact that the Schioppettino, characterized by high fixed acidity, after being bottled as a young and then completed the malolactic fermentation in the bottle, became slightly sparkling, giving the impression , both to the ear and to the mouth, to crackle due to the developed carbon dioxide. It is also assumed that the "schioppettare" was produced from ripe grapes when chewed, characterized by a thick and taut skin.
Currently the vine is cultivated mainly in the municipality of Prepotto, within which the sub-area called "Schioppettino di Prepotto" was recognized by decree of June 2008.
Color: ruby ​​red with intense purple notes, which decrease in intensity with aging.
Bouquet: typical aroma of wild berries, blackberry, raspberry and blueberry, intense. It mixes with a spicy note that recalls the smell of green pepper.
Taste: complex and elegant, intense, spicy, characterized by an excellent taste-olfactory correspondence. Aged in wood, it has a good structure with an extremely complex aromatic mark.
Pairings: wine to accompany typical dishes of Friuli cuisine, red meats, game and medium-aged cheeses.
Serving temperature: 16-18 ° C.


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