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Friulian vine, whose production area remains restricted to this region and especially the hills of Buttrio, Manzano, Rosazzo and Cividale del Friuli. Grape that together with the Pignolo and at Schioppettino was saved from certain loss with the 1978 EEC Regulation which has entered such varieties among those authorized in the Udine province. The name derived from tacelenghe Friulian dialect, means literally "language cuts", because of the high initial acidity and tannic characteristics, which mitigates up to the perfect balance of sensations after a few years of aging.
Color: ruby ​​red, with aging acquires purple hues.
Bouquet: rich and personal aroma with elegant fruity notes. With aging emerges a bouquet order, particularly, extremely complex.
Taste: Young from the tough and rugged style, after a long period of aging in wood softens offering full and velvety bouquet.
Serving suggestions: wine for fatty meats, sausages, game, typical regional dishes.
Serving temperature: 18- 20 ° C.


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